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We Are Gluten Free

Hot Pipis Is A Gluten Free Restaurant

There is a Gluten Free Restaurant at Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast where 95% of items on Hot Pipi’s Menu is Gluten Free.  This is great news for gluten intolerant customers or those suffering from Coeliac’s disease.

Gluten Free Restaurant-For Coeliacs

Gluten Free RestaurantGluten Free Restaurants are a god send for people who have adverse effects to foods that contain gluten.  This severely limits the options that people have when dining out.  However, always finding gluten free restaurants can indeed be tricky.

For those that suffer from coeliac disease, eating foods that contain gluten can be a very uncomfortable experience.  For those people, when they eat foods containing gluten, their immune system responds by damaging the villi which are the small protrusions lining the small intestine.  The role of the villi is to absorb nutrients from the food.  Without healthy villi, people cannot absorb food nutrients and can become under nourished regardless of how much they eat.

Unfortunately, this condition severely limits dining out experiences as many restaurants don’t have a menu that caters for them or has a limited range of menu items.

At the Gluten Free Restaurant Hot Pipis, we pride ourselves on having nearly our whole menu that can cater to gluten intolerant diners and if there is a menu item that isn’t, we can make it gluten free on request.  Come to Hot Pipis, gluten free restaurant for a gluten free dining experience.